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PARA TODOS USTEDES - WHAT UP SUCKAS! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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PARA TODOS USTEDES [Apr. 15th, 2005|03:08 am]
[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |memphis will be laid to waiste]

Hey whats up everyone.So how is everybody doing?this is gonna be my shout out page so i expect a reply from all of u!

Nollie-hey sexy ruca como te va

 Kevin-Ides Of March Luvs ya

 Victor-thanx 4 telling me!j/k

Monika-I luv ya take care

Angie-Hey sucka take care of my mitten

Steph-i really hope to see ya at our show

Bob-ai bob what can i say about u

Cripple-Hey sucka

 Laura-You better find the mitten!bye

 Alissa-Hey take care of alan!j/k

 Jorge-What up gangsta

Clarissa-Thanx 4 ur support(MUAH)

 Rachelle-Thanx 4 ur support to.(MUAH)

 Erika-Hey sucka give me my mitten back.j/k

Italy-hey i put u last because what im gonna write is long. I didnt mean to piss u off after quince practice. I was in a bad mood sorry(i Luv ya.)

To any1 i forgot Sorry!



From: so_sublime08
2005-04-15 04:48 pm (UTC)


Hey jesse! Thanx for not forgetting me! And I alrety gave kenia west the mitten back jerk! But n-e-ways see you laterz love ya!
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