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TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!! [May. 9th, 2005|02:18 pm]
What the fuck has happened to our freiendship??all of you are fucken idiots for talking shit about each other>What happened eith Jorge and Monika was there buisness?Just becuz some of you were there doesnt mean shit .Stop telling trinere and andrea to butt off!you guys know who u are. Besides u guys say not to fuckin get involced when it had nothing to do with you !!just cuz u were there doesnt mean shit!!!!

[User Picture]From: syko_gurl
2005-05-10 10:06 am (UTC)
people just get along!!! dont fucken fight we need peace and love i dont kare if i sound like a damn hippie!! if some of u didnt notice for some of us its OUR LAST YEAR!! we need to have fun especially cuz all of us r friends!!! quit hating one another one day ull need the person u "hate" or "dislike" and dont fucken tell me u wont cuz u know well u would!! QUIT THE FUCKEN DRAMA ALL OF THIS IS FUCKEN HIGH SKOOL DRAMA it will all go away one day just fucken ge along especially cuz some of ur friends r seniors dont FUCK IT UP FOR THEM especially cuz its like 2 weeks away!!! just PWEAZ HAVE PEACE IN THIS DAMN CIRCLE OF FRIENDSHIP!! if this is really all of our friends!! i g2g and smoke a cigg i am pissed now bye!-emma
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