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MNbf j,hfv,uyrGFDHTDMHGFDK [Apr. 13th, 2005|03:54 am]


Hey suckas so hows everybody doing?im aight.im just chillaxing,here with some chick letty that wants to make out with me. She is pretty hot!!.So anyways all of you ,I would really be glad if you guys attended the IDES OF MARCH first show. It would mean alot to us.I will give you guys more details later on.We might be selling merch.


[User Picture]From: lpsaraelp
2005-04-13 03:38 pm (UTC)


I knew someday it would have to end.
I knew eventually i would go back to calling you friend.
its killing me that now that day has come.

Im Trying my best to appear strong.
But its hard when part of me says that in your arms is where i belong.
I still love you with all my heart.
Thats not going to change even though we're apart.

There are so many of our special times, im going to miss
All the words i ever said or wrote still hold true.
But for now from a distance is where i'll be loving you.

Maybe we will be together again if it is meant to be.
But for now please don't stop loving me.
Even though i'm not your girlfriend I'll still be there.

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